Frequently Asked Questions

Use the FAQs to find answers to specific questions on how to perform tasks in CatchMyStory. Here, you’ll find basic tips on trouble-shooting, learn about system requirements, and get definitions of terms used on the screen and in the videos. It’s a good place to go first when you need more information.


For step-by-step instructions for creating and ordering your book, click on any of these five easy-to-follow PDF tutorials:


Writing Tips

Not sure what to write about? Read through our writing tips before beginning your story. Here, you’ll find ideas on how to prepare for writing your story, thought provoking questions to help jog your memory and suggestions for topics you may want to write about. You will find Writing Tips for many different kinds of stories.

Sample Stories

Want to get an idea of what others have written? Then read sample chapters from people who, like you, decided to write their story. Be sure to take note of the details, like how others have named their chapters or expressed themselves in different writing styles. Above all, remember that CatchMyStory can be used to tell any kind of story.